H-1B visa impact on IT Sector

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Shivani Manchanda, MBA 2016-18, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur

Information Technology Sector in India slumped by 4% after the U.S. administration proposed to renovate the H-1B work visa programme. This programme is widely used by all the Indian IT firms to send thousands of their employees to U.S. every year, now all the IT companies may have to change their business strategies as the new policy also include to double the minimum wage to $130,000 of the H-1B visa holder.

The wages are increased and it is being said that it is for the efficient hiring of talented and skilled people but as the Indian IT companies would not be able to pay this higher amount to their employees so this shows the inclination on the Trump’s campaign in one line “American jobs Americans only”. Now most of the Indian employees will be left with the offshore working and the opportunities to work onsite will reduce.

Tech centers established in U.S. are now planning to shift these in other countries as it will be difficult for them to hire people from other countries and they are also aware of the shortage of skilled workforce in U.S. like the shortage of data scientists.

Obviously this is not the best solution if the focus is really on hiring the skillful and capable employees for American companies because it is tumbling international opportunities and directly impacting the Information Technology sector of India.