Everything to know about the JNU unrest

Below is an unbiased timeline of what happened at the JNU campus:

– Alleged students of the JNU organised an event to to express solidarity with Kashmiri migrants and also protest against judicial hanging of Afzal Guru in 2013
– Posters were put up about the same at the Sabarmati dhaba of JNU campus. Also, a programme-‘A country without a post office — against the judicial killing of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt’-was supposed to take off.

– This led to protest by ABVP members, demanding expulsion of the organisers.
– A disciplinary enquiry was taken up by the university which claimed the organisers went ahead with the event without permission.
– A protest march was carried out and ABVP members accused that JNU students shouted anti-India slogans. A video also appeared in which students were heard shouting slogans
– JNU students say they did not shout any anti-national slogans.
– A sedition case was registered at Vasant Kunj police station against unknown students and the university barred eight students pending an enquiry.
– JNU Students Union president Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on sedition charges
– Students of JNU demanding Kumar’s release gave a shutdown call. JNU teachers also joined the students.
– On February 14, violence broke out in the Patiala House. People in black robes slapped and kicked supporters of Kanhaiya Kumar. .
–  The Supreme Court criticised the unruly behaviour of the lawyers and ordered  security in the premises of the courts for both the clients and media persons
– On February 17 also, violence was witnessed outside Patiala House Court where two groups of lawyers clashed with each other.
– The Supreme Court was also informed that Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked in the court premises.
– SC restricted the number reporters to five and two supporters of arrested students for the hearing.
– Kanhaiya Kumar was sent to judicial custody till March 02. o Kanhaiya.
– Kumar claims that he did not shout any anti-national slogans and few outsiders were involved in raising anti-India slogans.

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