Growing intolerance in India

The following article is based on my own interpretation of the said events. Any material borrowed from published and unpublished sources has been appropriately referenced. I will bear the sole responsibility for anything that is found to have been copied or misappropriated or misrepresented in the following post.

Monica Patra, MBA 2015-17, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur


India with its vibrant and diverse culture is acting increasingly anti-freedom these days. So many people get offended by slightest of provocations lately that speaking in public forum has become like walking on egg shells. Bans generally don’t resolve conflicts, it dissuades debate which leads to closing of minds. The trigger happy idea of censorship should be a part of dictatorships not of democracies. The thought of ideas being seen as threatening in a democracy is equally idiosyncratic as it is scary. Indian government thinks it is best to ban an idea in the fear of imagined slight than to debate them. Instead of celebrating ideas and choices and their various myriad interpretation, government chooses to exile them and steal from us the most basic right, the right to choose. The most brazen attack on free idea due to paranoia of insult was the pulping of the book “The Hindus: An Alternative History” by the US-based academic Wendy Doniger by Penguin India. How intolerant does a culture have to become to not allow any different interpretation than the one we have come to accept? They want us to be Pavlov’s dogs who can be conditioned to think what they want us to think, not the free thinkers that we can be. Now time will only tell that after Maggi, porn sites and beef which idea will be banned and who will bear the brunt of the ban happy government.


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