The following article is based on my own interpretation of the said events. Any material borrowed from published as well as unpublished sources has been appropriately referenced. I will be the sole responsibility of anything that has been found to have been copied or misappropriated or misrepresented in the following post.

Ashwini Kumar Tewary, EMBA 2015-2018, Vinod Gupta School Of Management



“There is nothing called Vote for development, at least not in Bihar”

A senior politician remarked the other day. I was stumped for a moment. The politics of 2015 still centers around the Caste and community. Even after 67 yrs of Independence people still vote on the basis of caste without even thinking about the merits of the people in the fray. A closer look revealed that Caste and the Modi factor was the most important criteria for the realignment of the Political forces in Bihar. Old foes like Lalloo Yadav joined hands with Nitish Kumar and Congress with BJP consolidating with Ram Vilas Paswan & Jitan Ram Manjhi.

I personally disagree with the above remark. I admit Caste is one of the prime factors in Bihar elections but the new generation is yearning for development. The masses have been subjected to abject poverty and no Government has been able to eradicate the ills of illiteracy, social evils and develop skills. In the last 10 years the word development has being coined as a slogan . The JD-United with the BJP ruled together till Nitish Kumar decided to part ways. Both the political parties came together and made development their agenda after the so called ‘jungle raj” of Lalloo yadav. Development has struck the right chords with the masses and this election will prove its effectiveness.

Narendra Modi is leaving no stone un-turned in planning the exit of Nitish Kumar. He has stitched up a coalition to ensure he has the right combination of caste equations. He promises and raises the issues of growth & development in his speeches. Modi is an astute politician as his style and timing of communicating is excellent. His recent announcements of a package of 1,25,000 crores and One rank One pension scheme is certainly aimed to consolidate his vote share. His animosity with Nitish Kumar has raised the interest levels in the up coming election. The pitch and the adjectives are getting shriller and maligning. It has  become a battle of survival.

If the BJP wins it will be curtains for Nitish Kumar & Lalloo Yadav. Modi will then be able to take his revenge from one of the last protegees of L.K. Advani. If Nitish Kumar wins then it will result in the ascendancy of the kins of Lalloo Yadav and  Arvind Kejriwal will have a company to keep.

It will be a cracker of a fight this Diwali .


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