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Ashwini Kumar Tewary, EMBA 2015-2018, Vinod Gupta School of Management

“BREAKING NEWS” …….???..Welcome to the great Indian Media charade.

Every time you switch over to a news channel you find the above displayed boldly announcing anything and everything happening in this world. It seems every incident becomes a “breaking news”. I wonder the idea behind this sensationalism, the new journalistic standards and the chaos in reporting. Even my kids don’t scream so loud at play. There is something seriously wrong with our media and we as viewers have just got sucked in this battle of high TRP’s .

But on the contrary  whats interests me is the fact that whatever be there way of presentation, the damn cacophony sells. Channels have become attention seekers and usage of words/vocabulary which was a passe earlier has suddenly entered into our living rooms or our life, should we say. The infinite appetite of news hungry population is being fed now with the overbearing and despotic channels who seem to be at war to grab attentions. “India wants to know”….seems to be the the slogan today and calling 10 people for an hours program, cramping them for views seems a nuisance and makes the spectacle a circus. Such opinionated observations which are hardly interesting seem to have become the folk of our modern lives. I personally feel that we have allowed them to use us and have blindly followed them further embracing a chaos in the bargain.

Another disturbing element is the trial by the media. They seem to arrive at a conclusion even when the Investigations aren’t complete. They practically seem to do everything, in fact, better than a private investigator. They then proudly announce that they were the FIRST  to discover the so called ‘hidden secrets’ . The journalistic standards are so low that it hides the impact the news generates. If one has the right to question, I too have the right to decide to ignore it. If i do that how does it prove that I evade ?. This media buffoonery has to stop. A news is stretched far and then left in the cold as its impact dries itself proves that the whole attitude is a business.

We are paying them for this circus and that too in advance. We all have a pre paid connection.