E-commerce to M-commerce

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Rakesh Ranjan, MBA 2014-16, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur

This is with reference to the article on March 31, 2015 in Business Standard regarding Mobile commerce.

Maximum Selling is possible if we take our product to the most needy crowd .Conventional marketing tools says take your products to the market and see the near by sellers and adjust your price accordingly.During those days people use to take their time and visit the market every and single day. Maximum shopping facilities use to be available outside  the home.People use to have time for the shopping.

Now the shift has happen when the people spent maximum of their time in the internet .They browse each and every single site before they purchase any thing.They see each and every possible ways to reduce the price and get maximum value added to the product.Web technology gets maximum time of the people  .E-commerce is at the boom.People invests time to see each and every single offer they can seek for on the website.Foreign players foresee India as a potential candidate for the E-commerce.

A major challenging decision taken by Flipkart to pull down their web-portal is a result of trending habits of consumer.Consumers spent maximum time in browsing the internet in their mobile .Now The shift of the consumer from web to mobile forced Players to take the decision to go for the app.Few limitations app technology posses which will really hinder this business.Mobile will not provide a much more better space to feel the product .More than two app will slow down the current android mobile.With these limitation if the technical responses will increase then it will be a good decision .