Chinese WeChat users can now interact with their favourite celebrities for a fee

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K.Jayadeep, MBA 2014-16, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur


Beijing: China`s most prominent instant messaging service, WeChat, now offers its users an opportunity to communicate with celebrities for a monthly membership fee.Clients can get to see unretouched VIP photographs, read books distributed by renowned scholars furthermore have their most loved motion picture stars wake them up.The messaging app was launched in mid 2011 and has picked up prevalence with numerous superstars in China, who like to utilize it as a tool to engage with their fans.According to ChinaDaily, the official WeChat account of Chinese actor Chen Kun now asks users to pay 2.92 dollars a month for exclusive content.A senior IT advisor at Beijing-based research firm CCIDConsulting, Wang Yi said that this move opens a new edge in the progressing exchange about approaches to adapt on Internet stages.

The report said that the Internet organizations customarily gain their income through commercial crusades, notwithstanding, the most recent offering on WeChat puts a sticker on fulfilling fans` urge to know all the more about their most loved stars.Wang further said that as more famous people and organizations open their official accounts to interact with users Tencent, WeChat`s patent organization, must set vital guidelines, including the assurance of protected innovation rights, benefit part, levy and substance screening, the report included.